Our Approach

We believe that our customers should focus on efficiencies and growth.  Streamlining business processes and building new systems can help save time and allow you to focus on growing your business, looking outwards, rather than inwards.  KDA Bookkeeping has the expertise and experience to make this happen.  Whether it's assisting with bookkeeping or helping to analyze, develop and implement new business processes, we can free you to grow!

The Story of KDA

After graduating from University and furthering her education in the Business and Accounting field, Dee worked for years as an accountant.  The opportunity to grow by becoming a team member of a business and accounting software reseller enabled Dee to broaden her knowledge in various software systems, implementation projects, business processes  analysis, tech support, sales and more.  The love of analysis, numbers and results is the driving force of KDA.

Meet the Team

KDA Bookkeeping has experienced, talented team members with a vast array of business skills.


Dee (Diane) Dutton


9 is Dee's number, a tribute to Mr. Gordie Howe, a Canadian hockey legend.  An avid hockey player and runner, Dee believes that balance is the key component to success in life.  In addition to many years of education, experience in business, sales and accounting fields, Dee also has 2 children to help keep her occupied.


Karen Vendervoort


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Next Steps...

Do you need help streamlining your business processes?  Can we help you with experienced bookkeeping and accounting services?  Call or us send us an email!